Thursday, 24 July 2014

Choosing a Stove in time for Autumn and Winter

The decision to own and operate a stove as a source of heat for your home is often an easy one. These days, there are no shortages of articles recommending the potential cost savings involved with using a stove as part of your heating system.

Carron cast iron stoves are multi-fuel, allowing the use of both wood and other solid fuels. Whilst wood is an excellent renewable fuel, this can be of added convenience as slow-burn fuels can mean a longer refueling time than wood. Our stoves are also approved for use in smoke exempt zones when burning wood or smokeless fuel*.

Calculating the heat output required for the room in which your stove will be installed is essential. Choosing a stove too small for your room may result in chilly evenings and an inefficient output; whereas a stove too large for the room could leave you too hot at the very least! There are many online calculators that will let you know the best stove size for your room.

Carron stoves range from the smaller 4.7kw and 5kw Dante stoves, through to the more modest 7.3kw stove and finally the impressive 11kw. We have a stove to suit most homes!

Finally, you need to choose the colour of your stove. With Carron, there are 11 beautiful enamel colours to choose from in addition to the standard matt black finish. Now your stove can sit in harmony with the rest of your decor!

Our full range:

Carron 4.7kw, shown in China Blue Enamel

Carron 5kw Dante, shown in Egg Plant Enamel

Carron 7.3kw, shown in Antique Enamel

Carron 11kw, shown in Black Enamel

For more details on any of our products, or to check technical specifications, please visit our website

* Other fuels may be suitable for non smoke exempt areas - always check the manufacturer recommendations before burning any fuel. Manufacturers details also confirm the correct way to light and refuel your stove.