Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Getting the most out of your Carron stove

So you’ve made the move and bought a new Carron stove – lucky you! Stoves are great for heating up rooms, and are especially pleasing on the eye! But to make sure you are getting the most out of your Carron stove, you need to make sure you are using it correctly!

Using your stove for the first time
It is important to take extra care when lighting your stove or the first time. In order to make sure your stove performs in the right way, you should:
1.       Place a small amount of paper and dry sticks (or firelighters) at the back of the grate and light them.
2.       Once burning, fill the stove with dry fuel and set the air control
3.       Don’t fill the stove to a higher level than the bricks, and do not operate the fire with the door open, except during refuelling.
You shouldn’t just be cautious when using your stove for the first time either, it is important that you look after it through its entire lifetime.
The primary air supply control
You control the heat output of your stove using the air control, which should be clear from blockages at all times.
Setting the controls
·         Sliding the air control fully over to the right, means the maximum amount of air will get to the fire, making it burn quicker. Sliding the air control fully to the left, means the minimum amount of air will get to the fire, meaning it will bun slower but with less heat.
·         The ideal setting for the air controls is having the primary inlet almost closed, with the secondary inlet half open. Obviously this will vary depending on the flue draught, and you can set it to burn at your preferred rate. The same goes for the secondary air supply
·         If your stove goes out whilst you still have fuel in it, it means your air controls are set too low.
·         If your stove overheats, close the door and inlets, and allow the stove to shut down. This will prevent any damage to the stove, and is the safest way to cool it down.

If you like any further info visit http://www.carron.uk.net/carron-stoves or call 0808 1292224

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